Monday, May 22, 2006

Getting Started With Trading

I contemplated starting this blog almost immediately after I signed up for Teach Me To Trade classes offered by EduTrades, Inc. (which also seems to be connected to the Wealth Intelligence Academy which seems to be loosely related to Russ Whitney). I'm completely new to trading and have never traded a stock or option in my life. I have had some mutual funds as part of a retirement account ages ago back when I worked for a company that offered it, but that's as close as I've come to being involved in the market.

There are a couple purposes to this blog. 1) to provide something that I couldn't find online when I was doing research on Teach Me To Trade ( and 2) for you to have some insight into my journey to becoming a professional Trader. I suppose there's a bit of ego in there too, but I promise 3 things: 1) I will never go back and edit my posts, aside from possibly repairing grammatical and spelling errors, etc... 2) I'll give it to you exactly as it happens, without any exaggerations and 3) I'll post regularly for you to be able to track my experience. This means you will know if I make or lose money on a trade, etc... I'm also going to try to provide some insight into what affect trading will have on me (emotional, nerves, energy, etc...).

A final note about this blog: I am not affiliated with Teach Me To Trade aside from being a student (not employed or otherwise compensated). This is just me sharing my experience so that you can know what I'm going through. I expect and hope that what Teach Me To Trade has to offer will empower me to consistently make money in the stock market, but if I lose my ass, you'll know, because I'll give it to you straight.

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