Friday, June 16, 2006

About The Name: Taocode

Because so many of you are clamouring to know the significance of the name Taocode, I've taken the time to give a little background and explanation.

I've had the username Taocode at a variety of sites for the past dozen years. It originally started as a double entendre (double meaning). 1) The Art Of Code, meaning: creative, elegant programming code that has an intrinsic, artistic value. 2) Tao Code, as in: "the way" to conduct oneself. This adopts the concept of Tao, which is the natural order of things and cannot be explained since it exceeds senses, thoughts and imagination, as a code to follow. Deep, right?

As it turns out, the former interpretation of Taocode fits right in to trading, making it a triple entendre. Allow me to explain: even though it starts with a T, one pronounces Tao exactly like Dow (Charles Dow & the Dow Jones Industrial Average, etc...).

It appears that trading has been calling to me for some time and it's high time that I answer. If you think I'm making something of nothing... Smile, and don't take things so seriously!

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