Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thought & Consideration

If you think I’m crazy for putting $12k on my credit card, you’re not alone. It is not without careful consideration that I put myself in such a perilous situation. If you think I have taken these steps lightly because of my genial nature, you are mistaken. It is sink or swim time for me and it’s not in my nature to take to such extremes.

Now that that’s off my chest, allow me to explain the thoughts and motivation behind my father’s and my decision to spend a combined $34,000.

Perhaps it was my naïveté as a young man, but it seemed to me that companies used to care for their employees, treated them with respect, appropriate compensation, and nice retirement plans for years of faithful service. As I entered the workforce I saw those retirement plans get renegotiated, reduced or even yanked. With internationalization and overseas outsourcing, there aren’t many truly secure jobs.

Without any guaranteed retirement plans through work, it seems obvious that you must put your money to work in order to retire with any comfort. Even before I learned of the advanced techniques Teach Me To Trade offers, I have realized that an individual can get a better return than mutual funds and other managed investment vehicles.

I’m also a do-it-yourself kind of person because I know that nobody has my best interests in mind more than I do; I also believe that, in general, I can do a better job than whomever I would hire, contract or otherwise outsource to. After much deliberation and some semi-sleepless nights, I’ve decided to put my money and energy into myself using Teach Me To Trade’s educational materials and resources. I’ve weighed a lot of options for retirement & wealth building and I greatly favor being a professional trader using Teach Me To Trade’s systems for reducing risk and getting a consistent return.

This is a fairly dry post, but putting $34,000 into anything is a sobering experience and you need to know that it isn’t a flippant move. And anyway, that money is invested in me and my future, and I can’t think of a better place to invest :-).


Anonymous said...

Heh. 34k... I wish that was all I've sunk into my venture... Maybe I'll recoup it someday. But anyway, while it's still going on, it's a fun ride...

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat that 34K, Mark. I have easily paid that to my broker and mutual funds over the past 30 years. Yet, they have given me a return comparable to a risk free 30-year bond over that period of time.

I am also looking for a good program to teach me how to handle my investment accounts. Thanks for the honest, real account of Teach Me To Trade. All I seem to read about is broke people complaining about the free class and very little information on their entire program they offer.