Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SEC Filing Re: TMTT / David Gengler & Linda Woolf

Though I'm not really pleased to be providing you with bad news about TMTT on my first post back in nearly 9 months, I felt this bit of news was too important to not respond to. I've been stingy with y'all by not giving you some updates as I go. I have been back in the markets and have many updates about how it's going and will bring this blog back to life. For now I'd like to address this information that's hot-off-the-presses, so to speak.

An anonymous user posted a link to the comments section of the previous post (June 11, 2007). It refers to a SEC filing that doesn't seem to favorable for TMTT sales people. It's currently alleged that the personal claims both Linda Woolf and David Gengler made on an infomercial seem to have been false. I had not seen these infomercials nor have I heard of nor had any interaction with David Gengler and Linda Woolf. You certainly can read the SEC filing for yourself, I know only as much as the SEC Press release. I've also glanced through the actual filing document (it's available from the Press Release in PDF format).

While the marketing for TMTT can be characterized as absurd, hyperbole, or even misleading, my experience with the classes, coaches, and mentors doesn't reflect this same sentiment. The individuals that teach the classes and take the time to coach and mentor do seem to care for my knowledge and financial well-being. They're there to teach what it takes to stay in the game and to become good at trading. They're not teaching any magic no-losses guaranteed strategies. Trading is risky, but can be rewarding. TMTT's training can be tailored to an aspiring trader's needs and styles. There's not just one way to make money in the markets and I've learned a variety of strategies from TMTT. You can learn these strategies elsewhere, but I've learned them with TMTT and supplemented my knowledge with books and other resources.

I'm still a fledgling trader and am finding my personal style of trading. TMTT has offered me a large variety of ways to trade and I'm discovering my psychological tolerance levels for the differing risk and reward profiles. It's an adventure that I'm glad I began to share and am looking forward to continuing to share with you.