Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Next Success Story

My father and I were called on Monday about participating in a more advanced program with Teach Me To Trade. It was explained to us that this program is designed for us to become one of their success stories and that we'll be receiving additional attention to become successful as soon as possible.

My one year goal is to be able to continue to grow my finances through the market while taking out $7,000-$9,000 per month for living expenses (my salary, if you will). I consider this to be a rather aggressive goal, especially considering my current financial situation of having all of $200 in my "savings" account.

It sounds great that Teach Me To Trade has taken this interest in my father and I, but what's the catch? There are several requirements they are asking of me, the big one is that we need to pay an additional $12k for the year of coaching which comes with 1 additional class. After my father has put up the bulk amount for my education I'm taking this expense/debt upon myself but it is with my father's approval. There are also some additional perks included such as an unlimited advisor line and a discounted price for additional classes. It is also required that I follow my coach's guidance, do my homework and dedicate 5-10 hours to my trading business each week. In return, assuming I fulfill all of my obligations, they will continue to work with me past 1 year if I haven't made my goal yet.

So, did I sign up? Yes. I upped the limit on my current Visa card to $15k so that I can pay the initial cost of the year of coaching with the plan to transfer the balance to a 0% interest card with TMTT's assistance, if needed. I'm also planning to open an additional 0% interest card to put the initial funds into my brokerage account.

More to come...


josa said...

Go, Mark, go....! Be rich, be good, stay so cute!!! Good luck, more money to count and trade, lol!

Jason said...

They just offered the success coaching to me for $3990. You say you paid $12,000 and I dont know if thats a good value for the service? Whats your thoughts?