Friday, November 10, 2006

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On 11/9/06, CV wrote:
I’m also a TMTT student. As of now we (wife also) just started and completed the master trader on demand and will go next to covered calls. We are also taking a trip to UT in Dec and spend back to back weekends for the master trader and covered calls. We are also reading a lot to try to keep just above water with all the information the academy has. We have a mortgage and 2 kids, so time is in short supply every day. We took the package with 6 classes and extra mentor days (don’t remember but may have been the elite package). We to have signed up for the coaching and additional class and mentor time. We did put a lot of money in, but as for education…they have a ton of stuff to become proficient in trading. Although thinking of the money we let go still gives me a tightening felling in my head and chest; my wife and I have come to a crossroad. We have to be proactive in our future, it’s just a little scary when all you life you grow up thinking that if you just work till you retire (so far it’s 75 they way I’ve calculated it) you will be just fine. I have to consider what I need to do for the future in terms of cash flow, not to mention having 2 kids and how much that will cost in college alone.

I think I’m rambling on so, fell free to contact me. I sit in front of the computer all day long (yes my dreaded J.O.B.). We’ll it’s not really bad here but I really don’t see them planning for MY future as much as they plan it for the executives. So I’m on my own….

South San Francisco

I hear you loud an clear CV. I have enough trouble keeping my head above water between work, markets & music, and the money spent on training certainly feels like a lot today. I look forward to the day it seems like pennies. The folks at Teach Me To Trade are as dedicated as you are to your success, you really are not alone. Granted, they're not there to suggest trades or advise you on a specific trade. No, they're there for something far more powerful: to teach you to trade in order for you to be able to take control and be a success.

I've needed a break from everything market related for the last couple weeks, and knowing my schedule will put me at a severe time disadvantage for getting back in. I've already learned the lesson to not jump back in after a break (see: Discipline, Patience & Timing). I have rehearsals and performances starting yesterday for 11 days straight. I have much to say and do with the markets and will be posting in updates and clearing out the blog-webs (think cob-webs... I know my blog has been attracting dust & lint lately). I need to find some way to balance it all out... I feel like I binge on one thing and then another, when I really need to find a way to balance out each week (and probably each day).

In other news, I purchased: (nothing there yet) which I plan to put a discussion board for others that are interested (amongst other pursuits relative to trading). I'm looking forward to having more of an open discussion rather than the one-sided leaning blog.

Thanks for saying hi, I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


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Is Teach Me to Trade A rip off or the Real Deal???
I have not seen to many positives about this company?
Please let me know what other people are saying about them.
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