Thursday, June 26, 2008

Major Move - Bear With Me

I've making the biggest move of my life. I'm relocating to Winston-Salem, North Carolina after living in and around the San Fernando Valley for nearly 14 years. I originally imagined I'd only remain in the Los Angeles area for a short stint after college but now I've lived here nearly twice the amount of time I originally imagined. Nothing really wrong with that, my future has rarely ended up as dull as I imagined it. :)

I've been working on this move since the beginning of the year but have been quiet about this on the blog while quietly making my preparations. I'll be owning my first home (assuming the funding doesn't blow-up). A professional has inspected the property, my purchase offer has been accepted, and I've initiated the loan process. I'm moving two doors down from some very dear friends. I'm very excited for the relocation, but there's a ton of work to do. I'll tell you much more about it when I'm there. I leave Los Angeles on Monday morning (June 30).

Here's all the news in brief:
I'm moving to North Carolina
I put my dog down last Saturday. She was 14 and we spent the vast majority of the moments of our live over the past 8 years together.
I was down ~9.3% on the 15th of June but am currently up ~1.6% on today's market action.

This is the first time I've been back in the green for the past couple weeks. The emotional stress of the move and the decision to put my dog down played into that a bit, but I've also learned a lot. I was up nearly 20% on June 6, but watched the market take it and more back. I'll share more about what I've learned in the process later. I'm glad to be back to the green. I closed most everything for the week of travel but my double diagonal on RIO is currently in a nice place so I'm keeping it open for now. Today's decline has taken my Iron Condor on DJX uncomfortably close to my short put strike.

Anyway, I've got to get back to packing. Thanks for checking in. I have some drafts written of all the Advanced P.I.T. classes, but I've been rather busy with the move.

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