Monday, September 25, 2006

Current Positions Update 2006-09-25

It seems I must have dumped my AT&T Option early. it's now worth $1.70 (240% return) which is way more than a mere 150% return. Does this bother me? Not really, I'm only dabbling with Options at the moment. I still have the stock and it's gained over 6% for me (in 4 days). Stocks are my primary focus for now.

Every position that I have is working for me at the moment (long: LNC +0.95%, NAV 0%, AMAT +0.85%, T +6.43% & short: ROK +5.01%). So, despite my early sell-off of option on T, I'm in good spirits and am feeling pretty good about these trades. I was very close to putting live money into the market on the setups I saw coming today, but alas decided to stay my hand for a bit longer. It will happen very soon, quite likely on the next clear market setup (such as today's broad market setup). Combine that with a nice setup on an individual stock and I'll be placing real trades. Of course the current percentage returns are only if I actually locked in my profits today, I could easily end up with more or less...

Currently ROK is has my attention most of that list, since it's the only one working against the general market direction. It even breached over $55, but has since pulled back. I don't think it's strong enough to maintain above 55. Earlier today I saw some institutions showing sell intentions and the buy-in volume isn't really anything to be overly concerned with so far today. It wasn't a huge surprise to see some buy-in at it's low today ( 53.85 so far), given that the previous swing low closed at 53.90. ROK's sinking could be weakening or it could just be the general market pressure falsely holding this particular stock up (or preventing it from plummeting). I'll keep a watchful eye, but at the moment I'm still happy to be short on ROK.

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