Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tough Times

Hi all. There are a number of things going wrong in my personal, professional and trading life at the moment. Much of it is related to the aftermath of the illness I suffered from a couple weeks ago. I've been falling behind on pretty much everything and on a highly personal note, my heart has been broken.

This blog is not about such matters, but please bear with me while I regroup. I have already written up the blog postings about my time with Mentor Jordan and the final call from Coach Rob, so come back soon. I should publish them tonight after I review for content, spelling & grammar.


Robert Kolnes said...


First off I hope that you begin to feel better soon - both physically and emotionally.

I am essentially writing to get some insight. I just got off of the phone with a Mr. Shawn Shaffer at TMTT in Salt Lake City. He is trying very hard to get me to commit to the 1% selected one on one coaching for one year to help to reach my goal.

Do you know of anyone who has achieved great success in this program? I haven't heard any dollar amount, but I am convinced it will be thousands $$$.



Anonymous said...

The 1% selected talk is marketing babble. They are probably using a misrepresented statistic to make it sound better. It's easier for them to say that you've been chosen instead of would you chose them.

The short answer is yes there are people who have had great success. Some of them become your teachers, coaches, and mentors. But the long answer is that it's not quite that simple. The other short answer for if you can achieve that success is: It's up to you.

The reason why Mark's doing this blog in the first place is so that he can evaluate the program.

There is no guaranteed success, but as with everything, there will be those who will succeed because they "get it" and those who will not. Trading is difficult. Like other things in life, you have to work at it and have/develop the personality for it. It's up to you.

I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people who sign up don't succeed. I can tell you about one person who has gone through the program but basically wasted his money because he doesn't take it seriously enough. That is, not putting in the hours every day; not using what he learned; trying another system because he thought it was easier because it generates "magic signals"; and I can go on and on.

I'm going through the program and I've been doing well so far this month. It's a bit early to gauge my performance based on 1+ months, so we'll have to see how that develops. I would say I'm one of the better students, and I'm intent on making the system work for me! The cost of learning was very expensive for me, but I knew that if I didn't do it, I wouldn't have mustered the motivation or confidence to trade on my own.

Trader Taocode said...

Trader Charlie has summed it up very well. I can also add that I think the coaching saved me more money than it cost me. Rob Craig helped reel me in when I was still so hyped up from all the marketing that I wanted to throw money into the market without much more than a dream of making the big bucks.

Marketing is marketing. Find out how much the special program costs, ask how much coaching (highly recommended) alone sells for and compare what's being offered in the special 1% offer and determine for yourself which offering works for your needs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys. I certainly feel a bit more at ease. I did miss the conference call scheduled for today. Work brought me out of town.

I will let you know if I join and the cost as well.

Again my thanks to you.

KIm said...

I am off to my 3 day seminar, Master Trader, this week. Glad you are postitive and appreciate your time. Nice to know that some of the banter on the web is by people who want an easy way out, there isnt one. It is alot of hard work