Wednesday, February 21, 2007


On 2/20/07, LR wrote:
Hello, my name is Luis, I 'm interested in taking the 3 days class to learn to trade stocks and options, but i was wandering if i can get an Honest opinion from you, Is the tree day class is all you need to successful in trading stocks and options or is it just a hook to try to sell more expensive classes.
an honest opining will be appreciated.

I don't think there's any 3-day course that will teach you to successfully trade stocks & options. TMTT's 3-day course is a crash-course introduction to trading. It will teach you what you don't know, and will give you enough knowledge to be dangerous. Part of the 3-day introduction course from TMTT is a sales pitch for more expensive classes. If you're really interested, start with a book (such as: "Trading for a Living"). Books are cheap, you won't need to take a loan out to read one. You don't even have to pay a cent if you get it from your local library.

Trading isn't for everyone. It is not fast and easy money. It is true that once you're proficient and are making a consistent return in the market, it's not as difficult as many other investment and money-making systems. However, professional traders work for their money. They are disciplined, intelligent individuals that spend a lot of time learning, seeking more knowledge and refining their techniques.

After you've increased your knowledge about what it means to be a professional trader, consider getting a private coach, either thru TMTT or independently. TMTT brings all the pieces together, but you may be able to find a reputable mentor to help you on a one-on-one basis if you are diligent in your pursuit. Having a personal mentor will ease your learning curve.

Best of luck in all your pursuits and come back here to check out ScoreCard, especially if you decide to become a professional trader.



Aztec said...

Hello Mark,
I was wondering if you can give me an update on how your trading is going using the TMTT techniques.

I took the first two classes a while ago with my sister. She paid for the classes and she took me along as a guest. I want to start reviewing the material and paper trade with Options Express. Is this the best place to virtual trade? She eventually wants to make trading options a career. She has been trading for seven years. During this period, she lost alot of money. So, she decided to take the TMTT courses. She is currently using the techniques and paper trading with Options Express. She is making money on her paper trades. She loves this stuff and wants to make it her job eventually. I also want to do the same because I feel the same way about my job as you did. I do not want to depend on my job for my future. My job outlook does not look bright. I quess I am just wondering how feasible this is to do as a living? Is it possible to generate a steady revenue stream? I am willing to put in the time. I wish there was a place where TMTT students can share there experiences. Your blog is the only one I have come across. Thanks for putting together this blog 

Trader Charlie said...

Mark, somehow my e-mails aren't getting through to you. Anyway, I liked the idea of setting up a forum for TMTT students or prospective students, so I went ahead and set up if you want to give your blessing and participate on that forum as well...


jessie said...

Can anyone reading this tell me if you think the money spent on Teach Me To Trade was worth it?
Thank you,