Monday, June 11, 2007

And I'm Back...

Hello again friend. Yes, it's been a long time since my last post and no, I'm not dead. Although I could go into great detail about what's been going on for the past few months, and trust me, it's been an exciting time, the details are tedious at times, boring and rather unrelated to the purpose of this blog. In short, I allowed many pursuits of varying importance take me away from trading. However, I'm back and am moving forward with renewed energy and a modicum of wisdom.

The main thing I've been confronted with is the idea of finding a way to create a sustainable schedule. You may have noticed, wondered or otherwise mused about my ability to sustain such a full schedule. Between full time work, music gigs and teaching, a failed love interest, learning about Trading, Stocks, Options, Market Theory, and blogging multiple times a week I was on a quick path to burnout. Eventually all of it caught up to me and I found myself spread too thin, out of energy, in poor health, mentally and physically exhausted and otherwise not leading a healthy, balanced life. I've rearranged my schedule, learned how to say no to competing interests and am holding myself to a schedule with blocks of time dedicated to trading. And not to worry, I'll continue to add to this blog at least once a week to keep you kind folks abreast of what's current.

For those of you who have been longtime readers of my blog, I feel I need to give you an update on the trade journaling software that I've dubbed ScoreCard. The vision is not dead, far from it. The vision is even clearer than ever. Unfortunately the first team of software developers I was working with fell apart. This did cause a bit of angst on my part and has certainly contributed to my silence on the subject. I've managed to regroup and establish new connections and a new group of talented programmers to make this vision a reality. ScoreCard is much more than a glimmer in my eye, stay tuned for future postings.

Thanks for sticking with me, audience. I will continue to bring you as much insight as I can. The story is definitely not over, and the best is yet to come.


Kache said...

Hey - I am glad to see that you are still alive. It always seemed to mee that you had way too many balls in the air, so I wouldn't have been surprised to never see you post again, hah. ;)

I'm also glad to learn that ScoreCard is still in the works. Journaling is what I like least about trading - in fact, I don't do it at all, although I should. I need it to be relatively easy and convenient tho, or I won't, even tho I am shooting myself in the foot. Funny how that is, heh. I am meeting with my mentor for the 1st time on Thursday, maybe he will make me more willing to journal.

Anyway, good luck and take care.

KRZhang said...

I am an analyst at a hedge fund. I stumbled upon your blog today and am greatly moved by the heart you have put into your trading.

The great obstacles you have been struggling against made me reflect back on my own experiences and reminded me to not taken my relatively smooth transitions for granted. I wish to thank you for motivating me to work harder.

You have a great learning framework and a great passion. These surely spell good futures ahead if you do not betray your framework and dedication.

I wish you for the best, especially given your selfless willingness to share information with other beginners. This is a rare and beautiful quality to have.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

I had your blog bookmarked on my favorites from a while back, but it's been a long time since I've been here. I would like to get an update from you, so please drop me an email when you get a chance. I will try to make it worthwhile by giving you my stock picks for this week :) Bullish--> EOG (ascending triangle), Bearish--> NIHD (bear rally)


Matt (yes from Master Trader)

Anonymous said...

How about this?