Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My TV Broke

After 8 years, 3 moves, and $60, my ancient Zenith Sentry 2 Television died this weekend. I think this is great news for all of us. I've been having a raging TV addiction to the point where I just would have it on like a comforting voice in the silence and emptiness of my room... Well, my dog is here, and cat, so it's sorta hard to consider my room "empty." And this doesn't begin to explain the plethora of random objects occupying every square centimeter of surface that, if my room truly were empty, would be exposed in all their cold barren glory. But no, alas, I keep my surfaces covered so they don't have to be alone all day while I'm out.

... Back to the focus of this blog... So, as I was saying... My TV died and I consider this great news. Why? Because now I can write my "what I learned today" from the markets for fun and entertainment. With the trusty Internet at my side, I'll now have to entertain myself somehow :).

I've been hesitant to post regularly because I don't want to promise that I'm going to post regularly. I feel the pressure of the previous promises weighing on me. I don't want to promise regular posts. I'll either post regularly or not, but here's a quick heads up. I'm enrolled in their upcoming advanced Option Trading class "Advanced P.I.T." and I think it's likely that I'll do at least 1 write-up a week to share some of the class that I'm attending. It begins next Monday and I'll tell you more about it while attending.

I want to continue to share with y'all because the story is just now starting to get interesting again. I'm proud to say that I'm up approximately 3% on my account in about 3 months. I know, that may not sound like a big deal, but I believe I can maintain or improve upon that return as I become a smarter trader. If I maintain the same results throughout the year, that's not too bad of a percent return while continuing to learn and refine my perceptions and abilities to read the market and trade according to what it offers. It's like being paid to learn. Not bad.

I'm also attempting to bring in the voice of fellow fledgling trader who's attended InvesTools training for you to have a sampling from another student's perspective of a different program. Leave a comment to encourage him to contribute to a wonderful audience. Just refer to him as the InvesTools Student.

I mean that about you being a wonderful audience. It is a pleasure to write to you. I've had encouraging comments, honest, useful feedback on some of my mistakes along the way. So we're off. Come back soon for a book review on a couple Turtles books.

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Thomas Shawn said...

I'm very anxious to hear from this Investooler. Please have him email as I am contemplating taking the plunge.

I've been on TOS for a year, have dabbled in options and have placed trades suggested by a subscription service.

I'm up about 5% since August, been making all kinds of newbie errors but have been learning tons and tons.